The Laws of Gravity Don’t Apply to Euphoria

The Laws of Gravity by Joan Stanford

Continuing the theme of excitement, another collage about the book.

I had seen this ad in many magazines and always loved the bicyclist flying off the mountain. While I have had dreams/nightmares with a similar theme I just now related to the thrill of taking a leap of faith buoyed by euphoria-a great word. I am so pleased that I actually pushed through all the insecurities and doubts along the way and completed the book. However now that the writing is complete I have to consider post publication promotions, events, and move into more areas that evoke new insecurities and doubts. So this is about excitement and apprehension, the tension before the leap; holding back or moving forward.

Another person in the group did a collage with a giant wing enfolding a vulnerable being. I think to myself, “You can’t fly without wings.” I write:

A leap

into the great beyond

strong wings spread open


the wind beneath

the support and faith of all

who cheered

who shouted,


Staying with the image I like this glove, an open hand symbol. The hand seems to be tossing a ball (actually a rock) into the air. Things are ‘up’ for me right now. I have several balls in the air.

While this writing makes sense and finds meaning in what I make, I want to reiterate that when I collage I try to remain open and let images catch my eye without questioning why. I have several I pull, put into piles that I then assemble. In this case I just reassembled one image after an hour of muddling through others. In the end whatever emerges has a message for me.

I also drew a card that night that reminded me to stay centered and grounded. While seemingly contradictory to flying, I accept this as caution not to get caught up in self-promotion but to remember the intention in writing: to spread the word about the power and promise of expressive art making.

Playtime: How do you feel about edges? Are you teetering at some point before taking a leap of faith? Who supports you and how? Who/what holds you back? Create a conversation with both and do some art. Have fun!

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  1. Thanks for encouraging us all to take the leap along with you in this new venture. This image reminds me of a giant leap I had to take while completing a ropes course. Even knowing I was strapped in and fully safe, it was so hard to take the step off that ledge. So much to learn from that moment!

  2. I have never done the ropes course but when I worked at the high school many classes went to one. I hear there are many lessons to be learned…mostly of trust. And certainly that is what I am finding now, remember to trust.
    Trust myself and trust the process. And trust the connections that keep happening. Thanks. I love the box by the way and show it to anyone who comes my way!

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