Imagination Playshops

Come, play with me! I have created an environment that will invite your imagination to come alive. Stimulated by an array of materials that I set out- paints, papers of all textures, colors and designs, markers, feathers, jewels, ribbons, found objects and trinkets- you will be a like a kid in a candy store, eager to jump in. You can fashion anything: a mask, a shield, a nest, a collage, a painting, a creature, or a doll, from these many options. I encourage you to follow whatever prompts you without concern for the outcome; to play as a child does: for the joy of discovery. I offer complete permission to do whatever you want, such a liberating experience in itself. This is about having fun but you will be surprised by how often what emerges carries meaning or healing for you.

Testimonials from participants…

  • The “play date” was a high point of my visit to Mendocino—I have told a lot of people about you and our session and showed off my mask.

  • I really enjoyed Joan’s creative playshop. I liked feeling a childlike, creative energy in me where it was all right to play and go with whatever idea seized my fancy. Joan’s happy, friendly smile and gentle leading set the tone and her abundantly supplied studio encouraged creation.

  • Thank you so much for the wonderful play shop yesterday! I had such a wonderful time and I can’t stop picking up my box to look at it. It’s going to be very special to have it to remind myself of all the promises I have to my creative self to make time for the things that nourish and rejuvenate me.

  • Thanks so much again for all of the inspiration and fun, it was the highlight of my time in Mendocino, what a gift!

  • I HAD FUN! ….Engaged immediately by sage Joan, an impromptu voyage was launched at rocket speed that took me to my own new found territory within myself. There a discovery was made; it was an energy just waiting to be set free….The result was so much more than the collage assemblage that I created like a jubilant and gleeful child, but a new found language that had been waiting within me all along to be discovered and mined, and renewed and refreshed with daily use and exercise!!! Thanks Joan!!!

  • Truly Joan, thank you so much for that day…it really affected me in such a fabulous way and will stay with me forevermore!!

  • I have told so many people about my wonderful experience with you Joan! I wish there was an art therapist in my neck of the woods who would offer a class or two on a weekly basis…I relate to what you and I did so much more than yoga or massage…not that I don’t like those things, but this was just another venue that was so spiritual and fun!

  • Exploring my creative side made me feel very free and open.  I left relaxed, centered, and calm-exactly what I needed that day.  Thank you so much!  It was a lot of fun!

Video About Joan’s Imagination Playshops