Jumping for Joy

Jumping for Joy by Joan Stanford

Welcome to my first blog. I want to share the exuberance and joy that completing my book gave me. I did this collage with my art group in December after receiving some wonderful endorsements for the book. I felt so validated. After making this image I wrote, a la Soul Collage process, (if you don’t know about soul collage do google it and Seena Frost who has written two books on it) “I am the one who leaps for joy, does cartwheels of celebration. I am the one who emerges from a cage made of paper carrying my own gold star.”

And adding more after sitting with the image, “ I am the one who walks free of paper cage, walks into herself, into her fullness. I am the one who gets a gold star for good work. I am the one who delights, who jumps for joy.”

I have had Trickster as guide in my life and he certainly helped me complete my Master’s thesis in Art Therapy at Sonoma State. I will share some of those images in future blogs. Trickster turns things upside down, causing us to abandon assumptions and view things differently. The girl is flipped so I welcome this as a Trickster message. And there is trickery in the cage made of paper, not iron, suggesting writing but also meaning easily escaped! The image, as I found it in a magazine, was a birdcage with these three sections all in a row, a paper hand-cut by a Dutch artist. I feel the cage suggests the form created by the ego, the persona, to contain life energy. I feel the child, the woman and the rosebud are all about releasing that energy. I love that the woman is moving so gracefully, not just reaching for the star but actually holding it and that the rosebud is about to flower into full bloom.

I hope this might inspire you to do some explorations with art-making and writing.

As in my book I will end with a suggestion to point you in a direction with your exploring but do feel free to do whatever you want. My hope is that you will give yourself complete permission to play with concepts and materials.

Playtime: Do you sometimes feel caged in by a cage of your own making? Might it be less forceful that you think? Do you give power to “shoulds” and “ should nots” that are imposed by others? Are you ignoring a voice whispering for you to free up your energy in some way. Make some imagery and let it speak to you. Have fun!

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    1. I am so happy you stopped by my new blog! Thanks for your kind words and yes, the book coming out is very exciting. It has been a wonderful experience and I am anxious to see it. I am going to check out your site now.

  1. Inspiring! I’m looking forward to your book.
    I’ve had an image for awhile of jumping on a trampoline. I decided to make it real by getting myself a mini-trampoline to improve my balance, but I also want it so I can “jump for joy.” I found one through Trading Time (on KZYX) and am picking it up Monday. Can hardly wait.

    1. Thanks, Connie! Have fun with your trampoline. I also remember rolling down hillsides as a kid and feeling totally joyful watching the sky do flip flops. Here’s to joy!

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