The Laws of Gravity Don’t Apply to Euphoria

Continuing the theme of excitement, another collage about the book.

I had seen this ad in many magazines and always loved the bicyclist flying off the mountain. While I have had dreams/nightmares with a similar theme I just now related to the thrill of taking a leap of faith buoyed by euphoria-a great word. I am so pleased that I actually pushed through all the insecurities and doubts along the way and completed the book. However now that the writing is complete I have to consider post publication promotions, events, and move into more areas that evoke new insecurities and doubts. So this is about excitement and apprehension, the tension before the leap; holding back or moving forward.

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Jumping for Joy

Welcome to my first blog. I want to share the exuberance and joy that completing my book gave me. I did this collage with my art group in December after receiving some wonderful endorsements for the book. I felt so validated. After making this image I wrote, a la Soul Collage process, (if you don’t know about soul collage do google it and Seena Frost who has written two books on it) “I am the one who leaps for joy, does cartwheels of celebration. I am the one who emerges from a cage made of paper carrying my own gold star.”

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