The Original Tweet or More On Yes

The Original Tweet or More On Yes by Joan Stanford

I doodled this while listening to an online recording on creativity (and the birds tweeting outside.) She discussed managing our energy vs. time management. If I recall now, I believe she was encouraging us to say “yes” to our dreams and to recognize and accept that that may mean saying “no” to something else. She pointed out that not only is time in a day limited but our energy is also. When we are constantly doing we are depleting our reserves.

I am always wanting to do everything: go to a book reading, a movie, an art opening, a workshop, to a friends house but a friend once pointed on that I can run on empty. Sometimes I need to stop saying “yes” to all the outer pulls. I love the stimulation but also need the quiet, alone time to reflect and integrate. This is saying “yes” to my inner self, opening the door and inviting creativity in.

Playtime: Pay attention to how you share your time and energy. What feeds your creative spirit and what depletes it? Create a motivational poster to support your creativity. Have fun!