Maple Wings and Then there’s No

Maple Wings by Joan Stanford

Wanted to include some words about my “no” voice since I have been waxing on about saying “yes!” as though it is easy. I, like I am sure many of you, hear from this voice a lot. I have a section in my book about this “naysayer,” my inner saboteur. I share a dialogue where I confront the voice and try to get him to shut up.

I did this piece, which I love, using an old cloth cover of a King Lear textbook as a background. I painted the light turquoise cover, glued on a scrap of magazine and added these maple seeds, which I also love. Just used pieces that pleased me. But that “no” voice piped up right away. “ What are you doing? This doesn’t look like anything. Who are you kidding with these little collages? Art, no way!”

Pleasing myself DOES matter; that is enough; that is OK. I am playing, pure and simple, practicing what I preach, having fun with materials, letting the imagery lead me.

And the image does speak to me: trust that you have wings. You will soar and you will germinate.

Playtime: Have a chat with your inner naysayer. Give him/her a name. Represent that voice with imagery. Have fun!