East West Bookshop: Meet the Author & Workshop

Wednesday, November 2
The Art of Play: Ignite your Imagination for Insight, Healing, and Joy
7:30pm • Free, but call to reserve a seat
As we get busier, it gets harder and harder to make time for ourselves. Joan Stanford talks about simple and useful tools you can use to carve out time for yourself, learn to play again, and inspire imagination in ways that bolster health, happiness, and creativity. These ideas can be implemented into and helpful with your work and home life. Joan will discuss tips and techniques, and will answer questions. See workshop, Nov 3

To reserve tickets, please call 650-988-9800

Thursday, November 3
Artful Play to Enrich your Life Workshop
7-9pm • $20 thru Nov 2, $25 day of
Everyone is busy nowadays. This workshop helps artists and non-artists alike carve out time to pay attention to the imagery in our daily lives that can expand our awareness and joy. Making time in this way helps with health and healing, as well as refreshing our minds and bodies to face our lives anew. Joan Stanford is a board-certified art therapist and full-time innkeeper who has been facilitating creativity groups for over twenty years, encouraging people of all ages, especially non-artists, to expand their awareness through playing with art materials. Attendance limited to 15. See lecture, Nov 2

To reserve tickets, please call 650-988-9800, or buy online: http://www.eastwest.com/events_2016_november

Rare Bird Radio: Joan Stanford in conversation with Nadia Natali

A wonderful interview on Rare Bird Radio: Joan Stanford, owner of the Stanford Inn in Mendocino, CA and author of The Art of Play talks healing, wellness, mindfulness, and escaping the East Coast with Nadia Natali, author of Stairway to Paradise: Growing Up Gershwin.

Listen in: Joan Stanford in conversation with Nadia Natali

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