Mendocino Arts Magazine: Review of “The Art of Play” by Peggy Templer

Peggy Templer writes: “The Art of Play is a beautiful and very touching book. It is a compelling composite of  memoir, coffee table art book, and a how-to book on healing through art therapy. The
book focuses on how to recover and reclaim the joy, unfettered creativity, imagination,  and spontaneity we all once had as children, by expressing ourselves through artistic play.”

Please see Peggy Templer’s beautiful book review, in full, here:


Beverly Dyer MSN, RN, Botanical Illustrator: Reviews “The Art of Play” on Art Prescription

Beverly Dyer, MSN, RN, Botanical Illustrator, reviews “The Art of Play” on her Art Prescription website. What a delight and honor to read her insights and praise!

Here is a short excerpt. Link to full book review below.

“First I really enjoyed the message and tone of this book as it aligns perfectly with The Art Prescription philosophy. I told my husband, “this is like the book I’ve always wanted to write.” A book about the healing attributes of art with fun prompts to encourage creativity.”

With thanks to Beverly Dyer!

Down Time

My cousin has a plaque in the veranda of his cottage at the lake:

IMG_0108 (1)

And I have the words from some ad on my fridge in my cottage:

IMG_0020 (1)

I am in my happy place-my family’s summer spot on Lake Winnipeg. I am in the sun filled veranda watching the sunlight twinkling on this inland sea. The wind rustles the leaves, birds chatter and I am still. I am a receiver, open to what comes to me without any effort on my part.

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Rare Bird Radio: Joan Stanford in conversation with Nadia Natali

A wonderful interview on Rare Bird Radio: Joan Stanford, owner of the Stanford Inn in Mendocino, CA and author of The Art of Play talks healing, wellness, mindfulness, and escaping the East Coast with Nadia Natali, author of Stairway to Paradise: Growing Up Gershwin.

Listen in: Joan Stanford in conversation with Nadia Natali

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